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Our Services

What we do & How we do them

Internet & Networking

More on Internet & Networking Service

Drawing from our growing portfolio of advanced services to tailored solutions, HMSL has a full menu of services necessary to build the right data and networking solution for your business by our network experts working hand in hand with you to find the right combination of services to match your complex business needs.

We provide scalable data access through VSAT, Fiber & Radio-Link services using a variety of tested and trusted technologies which provides a foundation for the scalability and reliability required to empower your mission-critical applications.

Security & Surveillance

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HMSL is proud to offer its superior high quality and affordable security and surveillance solutions to you the individual, the private and public organisations. We have certified security cameras, equipment and security experts that can customise and understand the right security gadgets to be used for specific situations and environments.

We have solutions the can curb theft, fire, unrest and kidnaps as well as access control, time attendance, Gsm Jamming and general inspections


More on Power

From residential to large scale PV systems, HMSL always gives you the smartest solution: Our solution for Solar & Inverters is the result of many years of experience in both power electronics and solar energy.

Power Options
  • Solar & Inverter
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Protection Surge & Grounding

With our unique real-life and lab testing facilities, we are able to deliver reliable, state-of-the art solar & inverters that take advantage of the latest in production technology. Our solution also covers solar powered Street Light, Bore hole, homes and offices.